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AROMA MASSAGE (With Essential  Oils)                                 Dur:60/90 min

Smooth & Easy Relaxation                                                                  

Imperial Thai offers you this alternative therapy involves the generous application of pure essential oils on various points of the body followed by a smooth relaxing massage to liberate energy flow and relieve stress.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE (With Essential Oils)                          Dur:60/90 min

Effective Exhaustion Reliever                                                        

Deep Tissue Massage is an advance form of aroma therapy by using direct deep pressure to religning deeper layers of muscles and tissues.This highly intensed and effective massage is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff neck , low back tightness and sore shoulders.

SWEDISH MASSAGE (With Essential Oils)                                Dur: 60/90 min

Energised & Relaxation                                                                 

A popular Therapy at Spa World over,The Swedish Massage use Five different movement to relax muscles by appliying indirect pressure against inner muscles and bones, this leads to reduction of muscular pains and aches and creates a feeling of refreshment.

BALINESE MASSAGE (Combination of Dry & Oils)                 Dur:60/90 min                     

Destress and pain reliever                                                                  

An ancient massage system developed in Bali,that uses a combination of gentle stretches,kneading,stroking,accupressue that allows the massage to release tense and knotted muscles.

The massage works especially well on ache joints and muscless trains.Infact , sports injuries are often treated with a balinese massage.Its a touch of swedish and aroma therapy influences gives you the ultimate soothing and Pampering experience.

TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE( Dry)                                           Dur:60/90 min.

Most Popularly Known Dry Massage World Over!                    

This massage is also called Thai Yoga Massage,because the therapist uses his or her hands,knees,legs and feets to move you into a series of yoga like stretches which helps improves circulation and and flexibility,all in your comfortable clothes without the use of any oil.Enjoy relieved muscles compression,enhances joint mobilization & flow of positive energy.

BODY SCRUBS/WRAPS                                                                     Dur: 45 min

Expoliation & Detoxify                                                                       

The Thai Body Scrub treatment,widely used by people of thailand for centuries ,the species and herbs are having properties of antiseptic and helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and body impurities,leaving you healthier and relaxed.the scrub is followed by a warm shower and then by a moisturizer.